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Get organized with quality paper!

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Our products

At Eleven Discs we produce a range of high-quality discbound notebook paper, discs, and covers. Our sheets are designed and punched in house and include both junior (half letter) and letter sizes. We have several classic and unique styles to choose from, so whether you’re after dotted, ruled, blank, or squared sheets, we can help. We also have daily, weekly, and monthly planner sheets as well as other sheets that will help you both at home and at work.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.
— William Wordsworth

Our paper

You can’t produce quality sheets without quality paper. Here at Eleven Discs, we understand the frustration that sub-standard paper can cause. That’s why we only use the best paper for our sheets. Eleven Discs sheets are manufactured using heavyweight 32lb bond (120 gsm), archival paper that is sourced from mills in the United States and Canada. This paper is 60% thicker than standard paper and you will find writing in any medium a breeze. Most fountain pen inks and even some markers are not a problem with this smooth, luxurious paper. You won’t suffer through the issues of bleed through, ghosting, or feathering. What’s more, the strength of the paper means that they can be inserted and removed into your discbound planner many times and won’t bend or tear.


Freedom, flexibility, and choice


Why discbound

Why pay for something you don’t need? With a Discbound planner, you decide what your planner looks like and you decide its layout and sections. Discbound planners offer you the flexibility to decide what works best for you and give you the freedom of changing your mind on your layout.

Why we love discbound

Our sheets are designed purposefully for the discbound system. The high quality of our sheets means that they can be inserted and removed without damaging the paper. We love discbound so much that we incorporated it into our company name: there are 11 discs in letter and A4 discbound notebooks! If you’ve not tried discbound before, be prepared to get hooked!